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We Are Still In a Financial Crime Wave

In his recent column The Opposite of Stagflation Paul Krugman says that:

“One of the truly amazing (and disheartening) things about the Great Recession and its aftermath has been the continuing insistence of many economists that it’s somehow a supply-side slump, driven by the evils of Obamacare or something. This tends to come from people who view stagflation in the 1970s as having permanently refuted all things Keynes.

So I guess it’s worth pointing out repeatedly that the recent slump shows all the hallmarks of a demand-side shock; in particular, rising unemployment has been associated with falling inflation — the opposite of stagflation.”

pegholeSo I guess its also worth pointing out that the opposite of stagflation is not economic stagnation with declining inflation, but steady growth with very modest inflation. But given it is Paul K. we’ll grant that he is assuming inflation as a reference point in this. And in focusing in on the model battles, he is saying that we are indeed seeing stagnation, but there is deflation as his form of the Keynes model would predict. Huzzah!

I will put aside for now his assertion that we are seeing declining inflation. I think it might be said we are seeing little inflation growth overall, but with inflation appearing in certain product segments and assets. But this is, I believe, an artifact of the way in which the Fed is pursuing very significant, top down monetary stimulus in a system that is still distorted and corrupted by the financial sector and its moneyed interests. A few at the top are taking the greatest part of the monetary growth, and their demand is not for common goods but for luxuries, and monopolies, and more financial assets. Continue reading

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Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere

Financial-Bubbles-Public-Domain-300x300Is there any doubt that we are living in a bubble economy? At this moment in the United States we are simultaneously experiencing a stock market bubble, a government debt bubble, a corporate bond bubble, a bubble in San Francisco real estate, a farmland bubble, a derivatives bubble and a student loan debt bubble. And of course similar things could be said about most of the rest of the planet as well.

In fact, the total amount of government debt around the world has risen by about 40 percent just since the last recession. But it is never sustainable when asset prices and debt levels increase much faster than the overall level of economic growth. History has shown us that all financial bubbles eventually burst. And when these current financial bubbles in America burst, the pain is going to be absolutely enormous. Continue reading

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Nearly 600,000 Sign Petition For “21st Century Glass-Steagall Act”

Glass-SteagallAt the Capitol this afternoon, U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) received petitions in which nearly 600,000 Americans call for action on the 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act. This bipartisan bill, introduced by Senator Warren along with Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.), Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.), and Angus King (I-Maine), would address the problem of Wall Street banks that have become too complicated, too conflicted and too powerful, as well as simply too big. Continue reading

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China Buys $22 BILLION Worth of Us Homes, Leads Global Pack

Foreign buyers of US residential real estate surged 35 percent last year, with Chinese buyers, searching for moderately priced, safe investments in a sea of economic and political uncertainty, outspending the rest of the world.

china-california-homes-property.siChinese buyers spent $22 billion on US homes in the 12-month period ending in March, or about 24 percent of total foreign sales by dollar value, according to a study released Tuesday by the National Association of Realtors (NAR). That’s up from $12.8 billion, or 19 percent, on the previous year.

Total international purchases of American homes jumped to $92.2 billion, according to the NAR, an increase of $68.2 billion on the year before and $82.5 billion for the year ending in March 2012.

Foreign clients made up about 7 percent of transactions in the $1.2 trillion US real estate market. Continue reading

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The Almighty Dollar Is In Peril As The Global ‘De-Dollarization’ Trend Accelerates

50-Dollars-Public-Domain-300x300As the Obama administration continues to alienate almost everyone else around the entire planet, an increasing number of prominent international voices are starting to question why the U.S. dollar should be so overwhelmingly dominant in global trade. In previous articles, I have discussed Russia’s “de-dollarization strategy” and the fact that Gazprom is now asking their large customers to start paying in currencies other than the dollar. But this is not just a story about Russia any longer. As you will read about below, China and South Korea have just signed a major agreement to facilitate trade with one another using their own national currencies, and even prominent French officials are now talking about the need to use the dollar less and the euro more. Continue reading

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Koenig: ‘The US dollar is not worth the paper it’s printed on’

In an exclusive interview for the Voice of Russia, Peter Koenig talks about “toxic derivatives”, the attempts to recreate the gold standard and the BRICS Development Bank. Peter Koenig is a former World Bank economist with 30 years of experience and the author of Implosion ~ An Economic Thriller.

dollar_eyesVoice of Russia: The Wall Street and the big banks have been accused of creating a “perfect economic storm” with its toxic derivative products and reckless lending practices. Is the financial sector the sole culprit? Continue reading

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“Gold is the constant”

eagle_obv_revOn occasion of the publication of his 8th annual “In Gold We Trust“ report, renowned gold market analyst Ronald Stoeferle points out in this interview some aspects of his latest report and the larger picture, inter alia: the interplay between inflation and deflation; the factors for the weak trend of the gold price during the last 24 months; and the importance of the permanently high stock-to-flow ratio of gold.

Ronald Stoeferle, managing director of Incrementum AG in Liechtenstein, is a Chartered Market Technician and a Certified Financial Technician. He was born October 27, 1980 in Vienna, Austria. During his studies in business administration and finance at the Vienna University of Economics and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the U.S., he worked for Raiffeisen Zentralbank (RZB) in the field of Fixed Income / Credit Investments. After graduating, Stoeferle joined Vienna based Erste Group Bank, covering International Equities, especially Asia. In 2006 he began writing reports on gold. His benchmark reports drew international coverage on CNBC, Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times. Since 2009 he also writes reports on crude oil. In 2013, Stoeferle and his partners incorporated Incrementum AG in Liechtenstein. Furthermore, he is now senior advisor to Erste Group Bank. Continue reading

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Total Central Bank Balance Sheets vs. Gold

only_gold_bkgnd.jpgThe top four central banks with the largest balance sheets today are: 1) Federal Reserve: $4.368 trillion, 2) European Central Bank: $2.997 trillion, 3) Bank of Japan: $2.585 trillion, 4) Bank of England: $676.3 billion. The top four central banks currently have total balance sheets of $10.626 trillion.

Eight years ago at the end of May 2006, the top four central banks with the largest balance sheets were: 1) European Central Bank: $1.391 trillion, 2) Bank of Japan: $1.378 trillion, 3) Federal Reserve: $851.6 billion, 4) Bank of England: $163.3 billion. The top four central banks at the end of May 2006 had total balance sheets of $3.785 trillion. Continue reading

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Krichene: Havenstein and the Fed

Rudolf E. A. Havenstein

Rudolf E. A. Havenstein

Rudolf Havenstein was the architect of the horrifying German hyperinflation of 1919-1923. A lawyer, with no knowledge in economics, Havenstein was the president of the German Reischbank from 1912 to 1923. Even when inflation was running at 100% a day, he believed that Germany was suffering a money shortage.

He was boasting that, besides the printing presses of the Reischbank, he had contracted 133 additional printing firms with 1,783 machines to supply paper money, and more than 30 paper manufacturers worked at full capacity solely to provide paper for the Reichsbank notes.

Havenstein urged the provinces, municipalities and large concerns to print and put into circulation their own emergency money notes. He gave the assurance that he would redeem these notes exactly as if they were Reichsbank banknotes. He kept interest rates at 5% a year when inflation was 100% a day. What madness! Continue reading

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The United States Of Debt

Total Debt In America Hits A New Record High Of Nearly 60 Trillion Dollars

America-Is-Broke-425x481What would you say if I told you that Americans are nearly 60 TRILLION dollars in debt? Well, it is true. When you total up all forms of debt including government debt, business debt, mortgage debt and consumer debt, we are 59.4 trillion dollars in debt. That is an amount of money so large that it is difficult to describe it with words. For example, if you were alive when Jesus Christ was born and you had spent 80 million dollars every single day since then, you still would not have spent 59.4 trillion dollars by now. And most of this debt has been accumulated in recent decades. Continue reading

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Australia Seizes 360M From Dormant Bank Accounts And All 50 U.S. States Are Doing This Too

Empty Comex VaultDo you have a bank account that you don’t actively use or a safe deposit box that you have not checked on for a while? If so, you might want to see if the government has grabbed your money. This sounds absolutely crazy, but it is true. All over the world, governments are shortening the time periods required before they can seize “dormant bank accounts” and “unclaimed property”.

For example, as you will read about below, just last year the government of Australia seized a whopping 360 million dollars from dormant bank accounts. And this kind of thing is going on all over America as well. In fact, all 50 states actually pay private contractors to locate bank accounts and unclaimed property that can be seized. Continue reading

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Hultberg: What Keynes Has Done To Us

KeynesThe essential economic problem we confront today is that our dominant Keynesian intellectuals have abandoned reality. They do not grasp what they have wrought with the mountainous loads of debt and malinvestment that are overwhelming us. Much of this burden must be liquidated before genuine demand and growth can be restored, which will require radical reform if we are to evoke a genuine cure.

To try and solve today’s debt created crisis with more debt (as the Keynesians are presently doing) can only bring on a bigger bust the next time around, which will require still larger “debt injections” to stave off a still larger crisis. Eventually the economic implosion will be so monstrous that it can no longer be rectified with “corrective debt injections.” Consumers and businesses will have reached their limit. The Keynesian system will have met its Waterloo. Perhaps this denouement has already arrived. Continue reading

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Real Estate: Why Middle Class Homes Aren’t Selling

house291Despite the hopes of many the real estate marketplace has not returned to the era of rising prices and expanding home sales. The certainty that once powered real estate sales, the view that real estate was a sure and certain investment, one steady to grow in value, is no longer widespread. To understand what’s going on you have to look at three realities.

The New Realities of Real Estate
First, in a broad sense home prices are rising across the country. According to the National Association of Realtors existing home prices in April were 5.2 percent higher than a year earlier. Continue reading

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The Death Of The Rust Belt

TS_rustTheir names are familiar to all of us: Cleveland, Flint, Youngstown, Saginaw, Gary, Toledo, Reading, Akron, Flint and Buffalo were all once booming manufacturing cities that were absolutely packed with thriving middle class families. But now most of the manufacturing jobs are gone and all of those cities are just shadows of their former selves. When you drive through many of these communities, you will notice that a lot of people have a really hollow look in their eyes.

Decades of slow, steady economic decline have really taken a toll, and even the architecture in these cities looks depressed. But despite all of the decay, there is still evidence that there was once something truly great about these communities. Will we be able to recapture that greatness before it is too late? Continue reading

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The Hubris of Trying to Eliminate Cash

People like hard currency and use it every day. It is a check on centralized power. It is private and peer-to-peer. And despite or because of that, some want to get rid of it.

cashWhile investigating Bitcoin, Antonis Polemitis once poked fun by imagining how the media would react to the introduction of cash. He titled his parody, “Bizarre Shadowy Paper-Based Payment System Being Rolled Out Worldwide.” Cash has been dubbed “bills” among “the shadowy community of anti-banking libertarians who have been the primary users of cash to date,” the article explains, and “though hard to imagine, cash operates with no consumer protection at all. If your ‘bills’ are stolen or lost, they are gone forever.” Continue reading

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June 15, 2014

C-note_goldIs Silver Set Up For A Huge Short Squeeze?
Historically, a high open interest in silver is associated with short term market tops because the hedge funds have gotten negligently long silver futures and the market manipulating big banks have taken the other side with extreme-sized short positions. This time around the situation is the exact the opposite… (Read Full Story)

Bailout Economics 2014: Predators Prosper, Prey Perish
Almost six years after the financial crisis, JPMorgan, Citigroup, and Bank of America face fines of around $12 billion each for their role in mortgage malfeasance. In the context of the damage done and the bailout money poured into banks; the fines are miniscule and won’t even cover the damage done in one or two blighted areas. (Read Full Story)

The Lack of Major Wars May Be Hurting Economic Growth
The continuing slowness of economic growth in high-income economies has prompted soul-searching among economists. They have looked to weak demand, rising inequality, Chinese competition, over-regulation, inadequate infrastructure and an exhaustion of new technological ideas as possible culprits. (Read Full Story)

Five gauges that could signal a stock-market correction
It’s just when investors start to feel complacent that they should turn around and consider the chance of a correction, according to Jim Paulsen, chief investment strategist at Wells Capital Management. (Read Full Story)

Chicago Is Facing Financial Calamity — And Rahm Emanuel May Not Be Able To Save It
After years of overpromising and underfunding, Chicago has the worst pension gap of any big American city (see chart 1). Its debts are rising even as its population shrinks (see chart 2). Rahmbo’s mission is to save Chicago from financial ruin. (Read Full Story)

Australia Seizes 360M From Dormant Bank Accounts And All 50 U.S. States Are Doing This Too
Do you have a bank account that you don’t actively use or a safe deposit box that you have not checked on for a while? If so, you might want to see if the government has grabbed your money. (Read Full Story)

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06.10.14: The Treasure Chest

In-Stock: Ready for Immediate Delivery

Queen Elizabeth (2014):
2014_sovOne of the most popular and widely distributed British coins available. By 1916, the British Empire covered nearly 2/3 of the global ‘village,’ and these golden gems  are still issued to the military forces of many nations as part of their survival gear, as they are still recognized the world over. These are still one of the best buys in the international gold market. “The sun never sets on the British Empire!” Pre-1933 specimens are generally available in Extra Fine to About Uncirculated (AU) condition – however these are brand new 2014 specimens.

~ The Packages ~

2014 Elizabeth Sovereigns
1. 20 piece package at $6,525.00 – delivered! (Minimum Order)
2. 40 piece full roll @ $13,025.00 – delivered!

NOTE: Special payment arrangement will need to be made for the above packages. Call for specifics.

Old Sovereigns – Kings and Queens
3. $332.00 each plus shipping. (Minimum, 4 coins)

BASIS: $1,260.00 spot gold

NOTE: British Sovereigns are recognized worldwide and have been used as emergency money for decades. Allied World War II pilots carried British Gold Sovereigns in their survival kits. Even in Desert Storm, American pilots carried these historic gold coins as their emergency money in case they were downed in Iraqi territory. Clearly, genuine British Sovereigns are private, portable, and have instant liquidity worldwide.

Call NOW TOLL FREE: 800-691-7898

Note: Due to market volatility, prices are subject to change.

Treasure chest~ Terms ~
All orders are final, non-refundable and non-exchangable.

The images shown are illustrative only. They are not displayed to scale. The appearance of actual coins will vary by grade. If you have questions please contact your Republic Trading Group representative at 800-691-7898.

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The Week of June 8, 2014

This Should Make Every American Angry…
Some people have access to the free money. Others don’t. Those with the access tend to be in the financial elite. It is no wonder the rich get richer; the game is rigged. (Read Full Story)

The Death and Decay of Detroit in Real Time, as Seen From the Streets
With the stock market hitting record highs day after day, it is easy to move on and forget that one of American’s once premier cities, Detroit, has been bankrupt for nearly a year. But out of mind doesn’t mean out of sight, especially now that Google has launched its street view Time Machine, which provides for 7 years worth of street images, capturing the time shift of the tumultuous period period starting in 2007. (Read Full Story)

What’s the real unemployment rate?
The U.S. Labor Department said Friday that the unemployment rate hit 6.3 percent in May, but does that rate tell the real story? (Read Full Story)

Economic World War 3 Declared On US Dollar!
As the only U.S. soldier held by the Taliban is released, the doubts over his story and its unsettling echoes of a controversial TV thriller. (Read Full Story)

How the US Economy is Leading to a Lost Generation
Since the Feds took gold out of the currency the typical man has lost about $3,000 of income every decade, when the numbers are adjusted for the ‘official’ inflation rate. (Read Full Story)

Greed Is Good? Where Will America’s Sick Obsession With Wealth And Money End?
those that grew up in the 1980s may have been the “greed is good” generation, but the truth is that they didn’t have anything on us. As a society we love money, and we are not ashamed to admit it. In fact, there are times we absolutely revel in it. (Read Full Story)

Will the end of the London silver price fix on August 14th also be important for the gold market?
Silver prices are exceptionally depressed by any measure. No other commodity on the planet sells for less than it did in 1980, or has been as volatile in price. This smacks of a manipulated market even before the studies conducted by the like of eminent commodities economist Ted Butler which seem overwhelmingly conclusive to many experts. (Read Full Story)

Why silver still shines out as the best investment of 2014 but advisers hate to recommend it
Despite the collapse from almost $50 back to $18.50 since then and the recent rally this year, silver remains in a long-term secular bull market that started in 2000. What looks like a price disaster is actually an amazing buying opportunity. For the prospect of another very strong rally in precious metal prices is growing by the day. (Read Full Story)

Gold And Silver – Let “Dollar” Collapse Or Choose War. Elites Will Opt For War
The world has never been in a position like this before, where all global currencies are fiat and dependent upon central banker power. The push for a New World Order is inexorable, and make no mistake, the monied elites are fully in control, or almost so. We maintain this is why so many in the Precious Metals community have miscalculated the timing for when gold and silver would take off to the upside, collapsing the Fed’s fiat “dollar,” or as a result thereof. (Read Full Story)

Gold Going DOWN to $1200/$1220 in June Then UP to Retest $1520
With gold’s current setup, we’ve finally reached a significant cycle pivot…and I believe that we are likely to be treated to a very surprising turn of events. Directly ahead, I believe, is a major turn and rally for gold. (Read Full Story)

Buy Silver Instead of Gold! Here’s Why
We are at the beginning of a major shift out of paper assets into real assets and those that are starting to come to this revelation have no real understanding what they are doing when they are buying gold. they just want to get out of paper assets. I bought gold as a gut reaction but the more I learned about silver, however, the more I realized that silver was the smart decision. (Read Full Story)

Get Ready for the Return of Declining Home Prices
Actual new home sales and housing starts currently rest very near half-century lows… (Read Full Story)

What Will Happen When the Dollar Collapses?
In a currency collapse, your life savings will be wiped out. From this point on, the effect cascades like a roaring tsunami racing across the open ocean. (Read Full Story)

90% Of Gazprom Clients Have “De-Dollarized”, Will Transact In Euro & Renminbi
Following Obama and Putin’s “caught on tape” meeting Vine’d by the French President, we can’t help but wonder if the Russian leaders comments were something akin to “this is not over yet.” With “De-Dollarization” efforts already broadly under discussion, ITAR-TASS reports that Gazprom had signed additional agreements for clients to switch from dollars to euros and renminbi, “nine of ten consumer had agreed to switch.” (Read Full Story)

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Oh no… not Gold!!!

Gold Price Manipulation Was “Routine”, FT Reports
Two weeks ago when news broke about the first confirmed instance of gold price manipulation (because despite all the “skeptics” claims to the contrary, namely that every other asset class may be routinely manipulated but not gold, never gold, it turned out that yes gold too was rigged) we said that this is merely the first of many comparable (as well as vastly different) instances of gold manipulation presented to the public. Today, via the FT, we get just a hint of what is coming down the pipeline with “Trading to influence gold price fix was ‘routine’.” We approve of the editorial oversight to pick the word “influence” over “manipulate” – it sound so much more… clinical. (Read Full Story)

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The History and Secrets of Gold

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