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BEWARE of the Karatbar Scam!

goldkarte_headerMany people have requested that I do an insight in to the world of KBI 9999. First of all, I would like to say that a woman who requested me to do an examination of Karat Bars International lost approximately 17, 000 US dollars. From this tidbit of information, I began to do a little more snooping around and have found some interesting information.

Karatbars International is rated by the Better Business Bureau as C MINUS according to the US government. This means that multiple customer have filed complaints and shows that Karatbars International is not an organization to be trusted or an organization that needs any investment of time or money. The origins of KBI lie in Germany which can make it difficult for any American in the US to interpret government records from Germany through legit business practices. If there is any issue in America, then there will be no way to recover funds because it is a German company. Continue reading

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